Queen's Sports Med Serves Thousands

Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine was in the thick of things at the recent US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships, the qualifying tournament to the national championships. With 210 teams and nearly 4,000 young athletes, there was bound to be bumps and bruises, and a few more serious injuries. Having provided their services for the Hawaii Youth Soccer Association, Sports Medicine was contracted to cover the entire event, which lasted 7 days.

Held at the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Complex last month, Sports Medicine had a pool of 10 athletic trainers who covered the demand of 6 available each day for 12 to 14 hours per day. They had numerous visits on the field for various treatments every day, including for heat-related illnesses, taping ankles down, and icing injuries. Referrals were made to the Sports Medicine clinic; to both Queen’s EDs; and to Queen’s – West O‘ahu’s Pediatric After Hours Clinic, which had Sports Medicine Medical Director Rachel Coel, MD, applying her expertise in pediatric sports medicine from the first day. The end result was good medicine provided and Queen’s brand exposure to thousands of attendees and players.

Sports injuries aside, some may not realize that the Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine can take care of ANY musculoskeletal injury for children and adults, athlete or no, either directly or through their physician network (see sidebar). Sports Medicine can see patients the same day or the next day too. Dr. Coel is one of the top experts in the state for concussions, and Elizabeth Ignacio, MD, Surgical Director of Queen’s Sports Medicine, is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the state. In addition, Sports Medicine has in-house physical therapists in the same suite, which streamlines communication with physicians.

“Having been there myself throughout the whole week and weekend, the sports medicine coverage was proactive and top notch, with incredible visibility as well!” said Dr. Ignacio, who had local and mainland parents and coaches comment to her on the quick and attentive availability and expertise of the Sports Medicine team. “I’ve never been prouder to wear a NEON yellow shirt than when I was wearing mine during the tournament!”

“I visited the tournament and I’m in awe of the masses of people, the shirts with Queen’s Sports Medicine on them and the network Ross [Oshiro, Sports Medicine Program Coordinator] set up,” said Kristen Fernandez, MD, of the Queen’s – West O‘ahu Pediatric After Hours Clinic. “I think the ones from the mainland without their doctors here especially appreciated the guidance and service in getting their injuries addressed.”

Sports Medicine Manager Jeremy Angaran, DPT, concluded: “[The Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine] is valuable to Queen’s, generating outpatient clinic visits, new exposure in the community, and providing top-notch sports medicine.”

Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine

Offers board-certified physicians and physical therapists specially trained and qualified to care for ALL active people, from children to adults of any age. The Sports Medicine team understands the impact an injury can have on an athlete’s performance or on daily mobility, and is committed to spend the time necessary to listen, evaluate, and treat patients with compassion, aloha, respect, and excellence.


   Same or next day appointments

   Quick access to advanced imaging (CT, MRI)

   Age-appropriate care of acute & chronic injuries

   Advanced surgical techniques

   Sports medicine physical therapy

   Direct dialog with primary care physicians

Conditions Treated

   Concussion Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehab

   Fractures & Growth Plate Injuries




   Foot & Ankle

   Elbow, Wrist, Hand

   Head, Neck, Back

Contact & Locations

Honolulu: Physicians Office Building 3, Suite 703

West O‘ahu: Physicians Office Building – West O‘ahu, Suite 101

Phone: 691-4449